Our Program

Long Lasting Success

SITC’s clientele differs from that of many treatment programs. Their life paths have often left them homeless, incarcerated, facing mental health challenges, and or facing serous legal jeopardy. The Center is recognized by law enforcement and officials of the judicial system as a “last-stop chance” for addicts who have hit rock-bottom. Judges often include a mandatory stay at the Center for repeat offenders as part of their sentencing, and law enforcement officials routinely refer offenders to the Center for help.

The clientele represents the people who need the longest and strongest lifelines in our community. They are service-resistant and are accustomed to living on the streets in an anti-social, distrusting, and fight-for-your-life environment.

The Center’s approach is a long-term one, believing that sobriety and clean living cannot be accomplished in 30-, 60-, or 90-day programs. Instead, the Center offers a residential safe-haven for clients for as long as they need it, often up to two years or longer, where they can break their addictions and rebuild their lives with new habits and skills. The Center teaches the tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous and supplements those teachings with counseling on everything from anger management to financial literacy and personal relationships.

The philosophy guiding the Center’s work is that deep damage requires time, teachings, community, and healing before a person can safely return to mainstream life. To cut that short puts the client at risk once they are back out in the world and facing the many challenges, stressors, and temptations that can derail their sobriety.